Topic: Indo-Pak Nuclear standoff: Towards global non-proliferance.

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Jazib Shamim

Greetings Delegates,

My name is Syed Jazib Shamim and I’m a visiting faculty member at University of Karachi and completed post-graduation in International Relations from the same university. Apart from being a vivid researcher, I’ve been actively involved in curricular activities during my student career notably being the pioneer and founder of Karachi University Model United Nations Society for which I was recognized from the United Nations itself.

I strongly believes that MUNs are a great source of learning and developing the skills of public speaking. Diplomacy is just not about winning dozens of Best Delegate awards but it’s the test of your nerves when you are in a real life scenario and you need to secure your interests or get your demands accepted through negotiation/lobbying or influencing the others and that’s the true lesson of an MUN that which ultimately makes you a good diplomat.

Best of luck my young diplomats!


Furqan Abbasi

Distinguished delegates, future diplomats, nervous first timers, accept my greetings. It is with distinct honor and pride that I introduce myself as committee director for DISEC at this prestigious conference. As far as my introduction is concerned, I did my O levels from Beaconhouse Rawalpindi and IBDP from BMI. I started my MUN journey around 2 years ago and had been fortunate enough to attend all sort of MUNs as delegate, host team member, secretariat member and as an EC Member.
It is the twilight of 21st century, during the twilight of 21st century, we seem in the words of Charles Dickens, to be at the best of times and at the worst of times. In the past 17 years, this century witnessed holocaust, hunger, devastation and destruction. Specifically in Pakistan, we witnessed murder of former Prime Minister of Pakistan, witnessed dictatorship, massacre of Peshawar Children and a lot more. However, there is another 21st century that we must remember, the Candy flickers on a century that brought mankind into technological information revolution beyond our wildest dreams, a century of breakthroughs in medicine, health communication, in energy, in transportation and in agriculture. This is an era of great uncertainty and we there are many challenges to the world. The basic purpose of MUNs is to prepare the young generation for these challenges, where world issues are discussed and “Out of Box” solutions are proposed. In MUNs, you meet various kind of people, some are there to socialize, some are there for the socials and some are there for awards however what important is that you should be there for the sake of experience, and for the sake of learning, at the end what matters is what you take away with you after the MUN and that is what you have learned and how would that benefit you in your practical life.
Speaking loudly and considering that it would make you win the award would not help you people. Be well researched and well prepared, know your stance and try to propose out of box solutions. If you need any kind of help, email me at: abbasifurqan15@gmail.com Keep yourself prepared as I would like to listen from all of you.
I am superbly excited to meet you all in the city of saints this July.
Happy Researching 



Waleed Shahid

Waleed is a rising junior at National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Lahore, pursuing his undergrad degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing and Business Law. At present, he is serving as the Vice President for Voice-FAST Debating society and rendering his services as public speaking instructor for LACAS Burki, whereby Waleed also served as the public speaking instructor for Beaconhouse Johar Town. He has been a part of the debating circuit for almost 6 years now, where he has attained considerable amount of laurels, notably him winning the Best Delegate Award at Amsterdam Model United Nations’17, The Netherlands, amidst other Best Delegate Awards, and him serving as Committee Chairperson at KayMUN’15 Turkey, Assistant Director at Harvard Model-UN India, Under-Secretary General at International Affairs Conference Pakistan, and Committee Chairperson for 11 different Model-UN conferences in Pakistan. He strongly believes that a student should pursue Model-UN as an academic compulsion, as it instills patience, negotiating skills, confidence to interact, and acts as a drill that enables one to confront issues at hand on a global level. This entails gaining knowledge on how to reach solutions that expedite conflict-settlement, consensus and tranquility. Apart from public speaking, Waleed is highly fond of reading and writing, and is also a big Sherlock fan. He sincerely awaits your presence at MOMUN.