Topic A: FATA reforms
Topic B: The Question of Baluchistan’s rights (Equal distribution of resources, identity crisis) and the future of CPEC.

Study Guide


Fahad Shahbaz

Greetings Delegates,

My Name is Fahad Shahbaz and I will be serving as Committee Director Pakistan National Assembly at MOMUN’17. I welcome you all to the Second edition of – Multan Open Model United Nations and although it goes without saying, MOMUN’17 will certainly be an unforgettable experience not only because of the friendships formed and the unbelievable social events but also because the soul of the conference will lie within the committees where delegates will use their diplomacy to outshine everyone.

I can guarantee that you will be challenged intellectually and leave the conference having acquired valuable knowledge and skills. I am completely thrilled to be your director this year, and so anxious to help structure a productive, engaging, and an exhilarating learning experience. I am honored with a number of achievements in a young age and, currently, I’m studying at Punjab University. Due to my active participation and vocal dynamics, I’ve been able to compete as a public speaker both at government and educational forums. For me, oration is “An art where a person can express his true emotions via words and can inspire minds just by a certain intonation justifying a noble cause. Logic and authenticity combined with diction and decorum make a person very worth listening and appreciating.”

As a chair I expect all of you to be fully prepared for this conference. Make sure you go through the study guides before coming to the committee sessions, research thoroughly, and more importantly. Stick to your respective stance!

Hope to see you all this July!



Umair Aslam Sherani

Greetings Potential  Delegates , I am looking forward to meeting you all on MOMUN’17. As far as my introduction goes, I am in my 3rd year of bachelor’s degree in social sciences with major in International Relations  .

‘Tareekh ka Taleb-e-ilm houn’
MUNs and debating have always been something more than just a debate for me. 

It is something I am passionate about and addicted to. I have a keen interest in the art of debate be it Parliamentary, or MUNs  And i have chaired numerous MUN stimulations nation-wide. So that should assure you that you are in safe hands.

 Research well to debate well that’s all i would be looking for. I hope to give you a memorable experience. Respect your fellow delegates , Respect the art of debate  and respect the dais and i assure you that our committee will be the best and most enjoyable.

Happy researching delegates!
Feel free to contact me for help at

Umair Aslam Sherani,
 Director PNA