Topic: Preventing the imposition of Martial Law in Pakistan

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Committee Description:

The Pakistan Presidential Cabinet is a rolling crisis committee. It is a format in which, along with a general ‘Crisis Situation’ called the ‘Agenda for the Cabinet’, ministers (delegates) will have their own individual crises to deal with. The purpose of this format is to make the committee experience a thrilling one and to level the playing field for proficient orators who are NEW to the concept of an MUN. 
The year is 2017.
Given the vast increase in the number of movements calling for secession from Pakistan, the growing discontent towards the government following the Supreme Court’s judgment on the Panama Papers and a rise in the support for military rule in many areas of the country, The Prime Minister has requested the President to assemble a secret cabinet of trustworthy ministers to devise a strategy that would allow the current government to maintain control over local authorities while preventing interference from the military. The ultimate goal is to ensure the survival of a democratic government along with the continued economic and political supremacy of private enterprises while following the instructions of the President. The ministers of this cabinet will be expected to deal with the heightened political tensions in the wake of the conflict with India, the Panama Papers, terrorist threats, secessionist movements and the power crisis.
The year is 2017.
The future is in your hands…


Mustafa Khalid

Greetings Delegates,

It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you to the second edition of the Multan Open Model United Nations Conference. My name is Mustafa Khalid and I’ll be serving as the Committee Director for the Pakistan Presidential Cabinet this year at MOMUN’17. I’m currently a sophomore at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, pursuing a degree in Law. I have been involved in the MUN circuit since 2013 and have attended numerous conferences, both as a delegate and as a member of the secretariat; rest assured you are in safe hands.

 For me, Model United Nation conferences are not just about artful diplomacy and witty speeches, they signify something much more important: practical and enforceable solutions to global perils by adolescents who possess a more rational mind than many of today’s policy makers. A word of advice for all potential delegates: I’m a bit sensitive towards the level of behavior and conduct displayed at MUN conferences and expect you all to conduct yourselves as diplomats. Fighting on who gets to type the resolution, standing on chairs and playing dirty politics are all games of the past… (I’ve done each of them and will spot you in an instant). Let your speeches do the talking for you; bash each other’s countries in a respectful manner but don’t let the bashing cloud your positive case (it’s a conference, not a roast). Repetition and simple speeches are not going to get you anywhere near the award; be innovative in your solutions, learn to think on your feet and combine the meaning in your speeches with spicy rhetoric.

Brownie points will generously be awarded for performances in entertainment sessions and since we’ll be having quite a lot of them, do come prepared. In the end I would like to mention that MUNs are not about proving who’s right (sadly, they are) they’re about compromising and reaching unanimous solutions to global problems. Looking forward to meeting you this summer!

Best Regards,





Neha Saleem

Bonjour, délégués! My name is Neha Saleem and I’d be serving as your Committee Director for Pakistan Presidential Cabinet for the second edition of Multan Open Model United Nations. It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you all to MOMUN’17. I am currently struggling with Part II of Intermediate studies (and not really succeeding) and am hoping to pursue a potential career in the field of medicine. Being an ordinary girl from a not-too-advanced area of Southern Punjab, I got introduced to the concept of MUNs over two years ago and ever since then, I have had my fair share of conferences, either as a delegate or part of the Directorate and the Secretariat. Cut to the chase, Pakistan Presidential Cabinet is not going to be only about fancy speeches, animated gestures, yelling yourself hoarse and buying the chairs drinks and snacks (though that helps, I tell you). What I’m looking for in my delegates is a blend of logic, diplomacy, convincing power, ability to tackle situations with a satisfying touch of good speaking skills. Confidence and Conduct will play an important role in your final progress report where your conduct and discipline within and outside the conference room is something I shall not compromise on. I expect all of you to be well versed on your policies and sure of your possible stances. If you’re a first timer, I encourage you to make your moves, no matter how uncertain you are about them because for me Model United Nations are all about one new lesson every time. Just know that in my committee, no one gets to sit idle and blank so if I see you not showing enthusiasm within the committee, I shall have to force it out of you (thankfully, this never happened to me). Rest assured, you are in safe hands. Just do your homework and I promise all of you will have an amazing time in Pakistan Presidential Cabinet. PS: Brownie Points for Potterheads and people who manage to entertain me in the entertainment sessions (not an easy feat, I assure you). Oh, and candies for everyone. On se voit en juillet!