Topic: Rights of Religious Minorities.

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Sameer Afzal

I welcome you all to the stimulation of United Nations Entity for the regulation of Human Rights Affairs, also known as UNHRC at the Multan Open Model United Nations 2017.

My name is Sameer Afzal and I am a teacher of Advance Level English Literature and World History and my inclination towards MUN’s have been there since my school days; so don’t let my serious demeanor fool you in my passion towards model UN debates. Debating has been an essential for me throughout my time and therefore I have had the opportunity to speak in different styles; declamation, extempore and MUN’s. However, I have always been inclined towards MUNs because it not only gives way to productive discussion and debate but also gives a platform to combine that in a resolution which is the stepping stone for public policy.

A MUN is not designed to be a forum for individuals to represent countries, engage in rhetoric and enjoy evening socials; the objective essentially is for all participants to step forward and comprehend the intricacies of collective decision-making and multinational policy frameworks. It does not suffice to merely speak and raise one’s voice; what is most important is to be heard and to hear what others have to say. Therefore every single delegate must be well prepared, not for their own progress and benefit, but for that of others as well. If each delegation is able to prepare themselves to become the true ambassadors of their allotted countries, not only will the entire gathering benefit from the vast knowledge flowing through the committee, but each individual shall be able to take a leap forward in becoming a more informed citizen of the global populace.



Tooba Irfan

Hi delegates!

I am Tooba Irfan and I shall be serving as the chair of UNHRC at MOMUN’17.

I am a junior in FC College Lahore where I am doing double majors in English literature and Education. I am a keen public speaker taking parts in MUNs countrywide. I believe MUN style debate is an art of debate like no other and once you start, there is no going back. Not only does it make you more knowledgeable, wise and aware but it moulds your personality in a way that is distinct and unique. It broadens your horizons in the areas involving public speaking and makes you socially active and responsible person who can analyze situations in a wise way.

That being said I expect the committee to research well and produce creative and pertinent solutions to the issues at hand.

Looking forward to seeing you all!



Fahad Manzoor

Dear Delegates,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the second edition of MOMUN. My name is Fahad Manzoor Currently I am enrolled in University of Central Punjab First Year. I look forward to meeting all of you in and sharing an extraordinary Model United Nations experience. I have been involved in MUN’s for the past 4 years, and over the course of my debating career, I have been given the honor of being a Committee Director 13 times, Having been a delegate to numerous conferences, I know that excitement and thrill that comes with each Model UN conference, and I can assure you that this Model United Nation will continue to maintain the excellence and enjoyment. In addition, I have served as the Director General for Youth General Assembly, and as the Executive Member of National Youth Assembly. The model united nations will involve critical thinking, innovative ideas, and multilateral collaboration. I am currently serving as the President of University of Central Punjab’s MUN society and UCPMUN. I encourage you to think outside the box and explore the committee issues through multiple lenses. Furthermore, I advise you to consider the diverse worldviews of different actors, nations, and regions involved in and impacted by the issues to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of them.

Apart from Model United Nations I love travelling and going on adventures. My fun-loving personality compels me to explore new horizons and experience new things. I am eager to meet all the aspiring delegates at this conference and cannot wait to give you a meaningful experience that you all can cherish in the future