Topic: Global War On Terrorism: Post 9/11

Study Guide

Haider Ali Sukhera

It is with great fervor that I welcome you to the most important and powerful organ of United Nations, the Security Council. My name is Haider Ali Sukhera and I, along with Aqib, have been invited to serve as your Committee Chair. I stepped into the realms of MUNs back in 2013, and have since won awards across China, India, Europe, Canada and Pakistan. I have served as the Assistant Director for Harvard Model United Nations China and was nominated to be the Youth Ambassador for the UN-Youth Assembly in New York. Currently, I am doing a Bilingual BA in Economics at Glendon College York University. Rest assured, you are in capable hands.

An eloquent Speaking style, equilibrium between persuasive rhetoric and convincing arguments, razor sharp diplomacy (no cat fights on laptops) and refined solutions to challenging crisis will help you in getting an award in my committee. And of course, brownie points for those who share my love for Sufi music.

MOMUN is special to me because it exposes me to an entirely different MUN circuit, which is passionate and growing. I had the privilege to chair last year’s UNSC at MOMUN as well, and an exemplary experience at the first edition is what pushes me to come back again for the Second.

As Your Chair for this conference, I will strive to make your MUN experience a memorable one, whilst setting a demanding level of debate. It goes without saying that I expect heaps of research and ardent preparations. As last year, UNSC will again be the most competitive and fun committee. That being said, I am really excited to meet you all.


Mahrukh Malik

Dear Delegates, I would like to welcome all of you to the MOMUN’s stimulation of Security Council. As it is customary to start with an introduction, I am Mahrukh Malik and I will be serving as Chair of United Nations Security Council for the second edition of Multan Open Model United Nations Conference. I am a freshman at National University of Sciences and Technology pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and have been an active partaker of the Model United Nations’ circuit for the last few years. I have a deep rooted interest in the international spectrum, and hope to share these interests with you through our time in this committee. You’ll find out more about me during our four days together at MOMUN so I’d rather use this opportunity to advice you about things that will make our time together as productive as it can get. In order to ensure a good level of debate during the committee sessions, there are a few things I want you all to take care of because no matter how good of a job the dais does, in the end, the success of the committee comes down to you. The first rule for attending an MUN is to have an applicable understanding of the parliamentary procedure. Make sure you go through the delegate guide book if you are a first timer. Moreover, it is crucial that you know your stance like the back of your hand and are ready to go straight into debate. I will be quick to welcome a laugh but slow to except a discourtesy so I demand a professional attitude in all of you during the formal sessions. Maintain the decorum at all times and be respectful towards the dais as well as fellow delegates. No matter how pertinent or poignant your arguments, you cannot be a good diplomat if you do not act like one. I do not mean to sound intimidating. I’ll make sure your entertainment sessions are an enjoyable experience. We’ll be uploading the study guides for your ease very soon. If you have not figured it out by now, let me tell you that I am very approachable. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or if you are facing any trouble in your research. I will try to the best of my abilities to sort out your concerns. My e-mail address is mahrukhmalik5384@yahoo.com. I am looking forward to meeting you all very soon. Let’s look for solutions for global problems together! Regards, Mahrukh Malik



 Aqib Khan

Dear delegates,

I am excited to welcome you to the Multan Open Model UN 2017. My name is Aqib Khan and I will be your committee chair for the United Nations Security Council. At present, I study Politics and International Relations at the University of Cambridge. I have been passionate about public speaking since high school, and currently debate for the Cambridge Union Society. I look forward to innovative solutions in the committee and a memorable time in Multan.

Good luck and happy researching!